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......@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ The following features are added based on the existing alfstream module:
* Only Users within the `ALFSTREAM_SYNC` group are allowed to run these actions
* Synchronise site specific data such as: Dashboards, Wikis & Discussions
* Synchronise site folders and files
* Synchronise 'My files'
* Synchronise user Groups
* If there is a failure to synchronise between instances due to environmental reasons, site managers are notified via email. Users can retry syncing by:
* Setting up automatic retries, as per below
* Manually selecting `Retry Syncing` from Share
......@@ -153,7 +155,12 @@ alfstream.local.username=admin
* Add the camel route blueprint to the `deploy` directory: [alfstream-sync-blueprint.xml](../examples/alfstream-sync-blueprint.xml)
* Generate KAR archive (since v1.2.2), run `gradle generateKar` in camel folder, find KAR archive generated in `camel/build/karaf/kar` folder.
!!! note
this KAR file requires alfstream jar as dependency, so you need to run `gradle publishtomavenlocal` in camel folder of alfstream module[alfstream module]( first.
* Copy the generated KAR archive to the `deploy` directory of karaf, the example path like `/opt/apache-karaf-{version}/deploy`.
#### Testing and Monitoring
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